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Our beginnings and vision for the future

During the 6 amazing years I spent teaching at the Elementary and Middle School level, I quickly realized what I'd change about the 'system' if I had the power. Reality is, our students and teachers need significantly more support than what the system is currently providing...and another reality is, WE do have power.  The founding of Enrichment Operation was our attempt to make change here in Moorhead, no matter how big or small, to better support our students and educators. ​

At EO, we recognize that in order for anyone to develop with a healthy respect and curiosity for the world around them, consistent exposure to enrichment opportunities are a must. Through additional exposure to the arts, nature, food, music and the joy that comes with giving back, we are inspired to become better versions of ourselves. By tying these experiential learning opportunities to student growth, we incentivize kindness, patience, work ethic, empathy, respect, and ultimately growth.

When this exposure is paired with a mentor that has given their word to continue supporting students through their entire academic lives, even greater growth is inspired. And it is infectious. This promise places such great importance on every word, action, and conversation. We feel this traveling role is one of the missing links in our education system and dream of the day it's provided to every grade level in every school across this nation.


The benefits that come from this traveling mentorship grow exponentially as our network of friends grows. There is comfort in consistency and familiarity, thus promoting healthy behaviors. It's the reason we work almost exclusively with this year's (2021/22) 6th and 7th grade classes and look forward to serving this cohort for years to come. I've had the privilege to know and experience their brilliance for almost three years now and can't wait for them to amaze you.

The world needs to understand the severity of the situation in our schools. Everyone needs more support. Everyone deserves more support. So, why does the support not arrive? Why are we continuously asked to do more with less? It's not in an educators nature to complain, so how do we make noise and bring light to the situation? 

This is the healthiest way to make noise and draw attention to the situation, while also making a difference in the lives of many. The best way to support our educators is by providing additional supports to their students.


Thank you for reading and thinking about this message. Thank you for believing in and supporting this work. By doing so, you are a part of everything we accomplish. 

"When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world"

- Shai Reshef

Our Mission

Our Mission

"Working to inspire and educate through consistent exposure to enrichment opportunities"

We firmly believe that it is life experiences that make us who we are. Our goal is to create as many healthy, educational, and inspiring experiences for as many area youth as possible. 

Our Mission

Working to inspire and educate through consistent exposure to enrichment opportunities

Our Vision

By consistently modeling the benefits of being nice, inclusive, friendly and confident over the course of an entire academic life, we expect to see a more engaged and healthy population of young adults ready to positively impact the affairs of the world.

The reality is, it's not easy to make friends. Everything we do is about bringing young people together so they feel like they belong. By providing experiential education opportunities alongside their peers, our students are more likely to carry themselves with confidence and kindness both in and out of our schools.

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